EMBO Workshop on Tuberculosis 2020
From innovation to intervention
Paris, September 14-18, 2020
CIS auditorium, Institut Pasteur

Key Dates
Registration Opening OPEN
Abstracts submission OPEN
Deadline for abstracts submission Friday, May 29, 2020
The EMBO Workshop on Tuberculosis 2020 will be the 3rd large conference on tuberculosis (TB) and pathogenic mycobacteria to be held in the congress centre (CIS) of the Institut Pasteur in the 21st century, following the previous two very successful EMBO-sponsored conferences held in 2012 and 2016 at the same location. As the global situation with TB is unfortunately still very far from being solved despite some major scientific advances in recent years, and TB still remains a key infectious disease that globally claims more than 4000 human lives every day, the search for novel, scientifically very challenging, solutions to this human tragedy are of urgent and continued interest. Thus, the objectives of this meeting are to unite a critical mass of scientists involved in research to communicate and exchange novel information on the disease and the causative agent, as well as related mycobacteria that are of medical interest.

Local Organization committee

Roland Brosch (Chair), Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Pedro Alzari (Co-Chair), Structural Microbiology, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Jean-Louis Herrmann (Co-Chair), Université Paris-Saclay, Versailles, France
Giulia Manina (Co-Chair), Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Elodie Pysson , Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

International Scientific committee

Pedro Alzari, Structural Microbiology, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Clif Barry, NIH NIAID, Bethesda, United States
Priscille Brodin, INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France
Roland Brosch, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Sabine Ehrt, Cornell Medical College, New York, United States
Lalita Ramakrishnan, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Eric Rubin, Harvard University, Boston, United States


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